Get to know the term online poker for beginners

Get to know the term online poker for beginners

October 8, 2020 Off By admin

Online Poker is an online gambling game that is very popular lately, besides being able to use the money from the deposit to play the results of the winnings will be able to be cashed back into the player’s account according to the player’s balance value. Easy and simple might be the reason why gambling fans love this game.

To be able to play online poker, there are a number of things you should know before you are ready to play. First, of course, is to register with a site or agent that provides online poker services, all you need is hardware such as a cellphone or laptop and an internet network.

Get to know the term online poker for beginners

This online poker game is actually the same as poker in general, which combines the cards in the hand with the cards on the table. Confused what is the card in hand and what is the card on the table? Well, we will explain it for beginners who want to start their luck in this online poker game.

To make it easier for you to understand how to play this online poker game, it is better if we first know the terms used in the game.

  • Dealer

It is the person in charge of distributing cards to players and cards on the table, the dealer will also open the fourth and fifth cards in order after each player has placed his chip.

  • Chip

Are the coins used for betting. You are required to have chips before you sit down at the table, chips can be obtained using your balance.

  • Pot

Is a collection of chips obtained from the initial bet of each player on the table, and the addition of the bet on the next round.

  • Check

It is an action. To not place a bet on your turn, if all players also check then the round can be continued without betting.

  • Call

Is an action to call a bet, which is willing to follow the value of the bet raised by other players.

  • Raise

Is an action to increase the value of bets that have been previously opened.

  • Fold

Is the action of closing the game card, giving a sign that the player has not continued playing in that game, then will start the game again in the next game.

  • Hole Cards

Are two cards that are dealt to each player.

The game will start when all players collect chips at the beginning of the game according to the determined value, if someone raises, other players must follow the bet before getting their hole card.

If all the initial bets have been collected, then each of the players will get 2 cards in their hand (hole card), and the dealer will also open 3 of the 5 cards on the table to start the next turn. The turn of the game will rotate where each player will match his hand with the cards on the table, to see what their card will be, players are free to check, raise, or fold.

This continues until all the cards on the table are all open, and the cards in each player’s hand will be shown to find the winner.