History of Football Gambling to Become Online Football Gambling

History of Football Gambling to Become Online Football Gambling

October 8, 2020 Off By admin

Hello, meet again with the admin who this time will provide an article entitled the history of soccer gambling to online soccer gambling. As we already know at this time, almost everyone always makes soccer bets when they watch soccer matches.

However, have you ever realized when this type of gambling appeared and how the process of betting on soccer gambling took place.

History of Football First Appear?

Perhaps what you know the inventor of the sport of football was Charles Duke de Chamberlain, a British aristocrat. As long as you know the origin of this game has existed since the 2nd century BC during the reign of the Han dynasty in China.

In the past, the balls were created from animal skins, unlike today those made from synthetic skin. So after the 16th century a number of countries began to recognize this game. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the English aristocrat Charles began to enforce clear and legitimate rules at football matches.

In the 1820s betting on soccer gambling first began to appear and was bet between people. However, this bet is not using money, but valuables that are owned. From here the game of football began to spread throughout the world until today it has become the most popular sport.

The development of soccer gambling in Indonesia

In Indonesia itself, gambling using the sport of football began in 1980, and at that time it was legalized by the government. In stark contrast, all gambling has been banned by the government today.

Soccer gambling in the period before 2004 can be said that it was carried out between individuals or via land. Where if playing between individuals is just for fun by betting a pack of cigarettes, buying food etc. If they go to the airport, they choose a team that has been chosen by the dealer.

With the times and the prohibition of gambling by the Indonesian government, football betting bettors make bets secretly. So that soccer gambling had lost gambling betting enthusiasts.

The Entry of Online Football Gambling in Indonesia

Therefore, a game developer operator began to innovate in soccer gambling betting. They develop betting games that can be done without going anywhere and can be done anywhere.

Until the early 2005s, an online soccer gambling game operator entered Indonesia. With the effectiveness and efficiency, there is no doubt that the development of soccer gambling using the internet media is growing very rapidly and is a favorite in betting. As we already know, Indonesian people are very fond of soccer betting and it can be said that they are one of the most online soccer betting users in the world.